World News Global Corporation - A 100% Subsidiary Unit of M/S World News Global Media & Broadcasting Corporation Limited ranks as one of the top sites on the Internet, reaching around 20 million unique web users in the average month.

World News Global Corporation continues to rapidly expand its user-base, with an increase in users from 30 million in 2005 to more than 800+ millionS in 2014.

  • The bulk of this traffic is generated by various global news, views, analysis, edutainment, infotainment, current affairs sites besides live inputs from our own bureau, and a wide demographics of different users ensuring live updates every 15 minutes, sometimes major events we update within 5 minutes of happening, thereby providing the best quality information on a real time basis, making us stand apart both online & offline. Our traffic naturally spikes when important breaking news occurs. Our users represent a highly attractive demographic: affluent, professional and well educated with enormous buying power. The wide scope of our offers advertisers a unique opportunity to domain target their audience worldwide; by region, country, city, industry or language.

This guarantees that an advertiser's message is successfully delivered to the right audience - wherever they may be.

We thank all our esteemed visitors - global citizens for the overwhelming response by making us no. 1. If you want to be a part of our team & share your videos / information / news about anything around you that is illegal or against the law & you want our visitors globally to know of it, then do send in your videos, our team will probe into it & if we are convinced of your story & its originality, we will make your videos a part of our breaking news and if you wish your name shall be kept confidential.

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